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Animal (Video 2005)

Now, since she is deciding to go to the city, it is up to Natsu to prepare her for the bustling city life.

  • Posts about the animation have spread like wildfire on TikTok, turning everything about the short film - from the song, to the characters' facial expressions, to the rhythmic movements - into a meme.

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  • The animation has amassed millions of views on pornography hosting platforms as well as Twitter, with one February upload of it amassing over 3 million views.

10 animal species that show how being gay is natural

For some of us, Lassie was the first dog we ever wanted to adopt.

  • There are now over 22,000 videos tied to the song upload associated with the trend.

  • This genre allows the creators to be quite inventive and imaginative in their approach to entertain the viewers.

  • A nurturing widow takes in young orphan Tod and cares for him like a pet, while her gruff neighbor, Amos, does all he can to make Copper into a fierce hunter.

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